PorzioCS is dedicated to consulting, counseling, and ensuring that our clients establish and maintain compliance throughout a variety of industries, significantly decreasing the individual organization's risks.  Our team guides organizations and institutions on the implementation of best practices for data collection and retention, corporate policies and procedures, reporting processes, and response practices.

California Consumer Privacy Act 

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (the "CCPA"), one of the most stringent and far-reaching consumer privacy laws in the country, will be effective on January 1, 2020, and will significantly expand the privacy rights of California consumers. Organizations subject to the CCPA will be required to comply with new requirements, including additional consumer disclosures, and should assess their obligations.

Porzio Compliance Services (PCS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the law firm Porzio Bromberg & Newman, P.C., assist companies in developing and implementing data privacy and cybersecurity practices to facilitate regulatory compliance. 

Our new online CCPA assessment tool, combined with our deep compliance insight, will provide a streamlined and simple approach to identifying your CCPA obligations and implementing the appropriate compliance controls. 


Cross-Border Business Reporting

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis ("BEA") imposes mandatory reporting requirements upon U.S. persons and businesses with a 10% or more ownership interest in a foreign business, U.S. businesses that are themselves 10% or more foreign-owned, and U.S. service sector businesses that transact with foreign parties. These reporting requirements can be triggered by both direct and indirect cross-border business ownership interests and are applicable whether a business enterprise is incorporated or not.

BEA reports require tracking and disclosure of significant financial and operational data on a quarterly, annual and five-year basis, and upon new establishments, acquisitions or expansions of U.S. businesses that are 10% or more foreign-owned. BEA regulations are broadly applicable and include reporting requirements for improved and unimproved U.S. real estate that is directly or indirectly foreign-owned, with the exception of residential real estate held exclusively for personal use.

While some surveys are due on a periodic basis (quarterly, annually or 5-year), others are required to be filed with the BEA within 45 days of each reportable transaction. For example, reportable real estate transactions include acquisitions of U.S. real property by purchase or lease.

BEA compliance is an essential component of risk management for multinational business structures and foreign investors and business owners, and failure to file  BEA reports can come with significant civil and criminal penalties.

PorzioCS's BEA compliance services include BEA compliance assessment, navigation through and analysis of complex data requests, information gathering, and retention, and report fulfillment. PorzioCS's regulatory compliance team is dedicated to simplifying the BEA's extensive requirements and streamlining the filing process, significantly decreasing clients' reporting burden and ensuring compliance.

PorzioCS brings experience, efficiency, and processes to the assessment and fulfillment of extensive mandatory reporting obligations issued by the BEA.

From corporate and complex financial structures to individual and single entity business filings, PorzioCS compliance professionals provide experience and industry-leading knowledge tailored to each unique organization and owner of cross-border business interests.

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