We strive to help our clients navigate the decision making process by leveraging our experience conducting Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations on behalf of individuals, companies, corporate boards, and special committees to uncover information that will drive decision-making, business planning, or litigation strategy.

The PorzioCS OSINT Investigations team is led by Dr. Kim Miller, a New Jersey Licensed Private Detective and Certified Fraud Examiner with over 20 years of OSINT experience. Dr. Miller and her team gather information from three layers of the internet, the surface, deep and dark web, using the SARA (Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment) problem-solving model.   The team utilizes critical thinking, pattern analysis, and fuzzy logic (looking beyond the obvious) to analyze the data, uncover any trends or patterns, provide recommendations, and compile a comprehensive report of key findings.  What is not found on the internet can be just as important as what is found.

Dr. Miller and her team of investigators provide the following types of OSINT investigations:

E-Commerce and Business Due Diligence Investigation

  • Business Due Diligence is the process of exercising reasonable care to avoid unnecessary exposure to risk through business partnerships. These investigations are used to verify information and uncover business risks to ensure your company is making an informed decision when choosing to partner or merge with another company.

Executive and Employee Background Due Diligence

  • Employee Background Due Diligence goes well beyond the normal scope of a background check, to provide you with a view of your employee's history. While frequently used for screening potential new employees, periodic reviews of current employees can be just as valuable.

 Criminal and Civil Background Checks

  • Used in conjunction with employee background due diligence investigations, criminal and civil background checks determine if your applicant, employee, or business partner have been part of any criminal or civil court cases.

 Online Risk Assessment and Opt-out Process

  • Since the onset of the internet, your personal information is being collected and stored in online aggregator databases. Through an online risk assessment and opt-out process, the PorzioCS Investigative Team can identify your personal information available online and remove it, reducing the likelihood of your identity being stolen or compromised.

 Litigation Support

  • Asset search investigations are conducted by creating a financial and behavioral profile of a subject. These profiles are used to support litigation and to help determine if the subject may be engaging in any criminal activity.

 Online Reputation Management

  • Defamation can have a serious impact on a person's career or business. The OSINT investigative team, using advanced search techniques discover and remove negative and derogatory information that is posted online regarding a subject.

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