Employment Checks are Not Just for Pre-Employment


How do you reduce risk, perform due diligence, and get the most qualified person for the job? With the vigorous combination of background checks and ongoing employee checks during employment, this goal can be achieved. Hire a Licensed Private Detective/Certified Fraud Examiner to conduct the pre-employment and ongoing employment checks.

People Change

Employee background checks are no longer just for pre-employment.  Based on a Business Insurance article, companies assume if an employee was not engaged in criminal activity at the time of hire, the employee will continue to be law-abiding.  This assumption can be dangerous because people change.  For example, marital collapse, medical crisis, or financial devastation can put the most honest person over the edge.  

Not All Criminal Records Result in Jail Time 

Not all criminal records result in jail time. As a result, an employee can skip a day of work to attend court and keep his or her employer in the dark. The employee could be doing community service on weekends or their vacation time, or just paying restitution. It is important to perform yearly checks for “non-convictions,” which could include plea deals for violent crimes, drug offenses or misdemeanors.

Financial Issues

Employees with financial issues can put a company at risk. They can steal money from the company or engage in other fraudulent activities. They can create email scams within the company to have money deposited into their bank accounts.  Yearly rechecks for liens, judgments, and bankruptcies should be done.  Review property tax records to determine if the employee is behind on payments.

Social Media Profiles

A person seeking employment usually scrubs their social media profiles so potential employers cannot see their partying pictures. But once they are hired, they get sloppy and repost these partying pictures,  and “I hate my job” statements.  Continue to monitor these profiles during employment. The integrity of a person can be determined by a social media profile.  Also, ensure the investigation locates all of their social media profiles.  Many individuals have two or three profiles.  Check to determine if alias names are being used.  Along with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, check Pinterest, YouTube, VK, Foursquare, and others.

Remove the Problematic Teachers

A 2016 article in the Indianapolis Star notes that when a background check company conducted rechecks for an Indiana school with approximately 1,000 employees, more than 40 teachers had criminal histories, including four with drug or theft felonies.  Without the updated background checks, the potentially dangerous teachers still would be in front of classrooms.  Rechecks weed out problematic teachers already working in schools to ensure students are not among dangerous educators. Schools also should check whether an applicant’s teaching license has been suspended or revoked in another state.

Name and Address Changes

The investigation recheck searches must cover all locations and even identities.  Don’t forget to check name changes due to marriage or divorce.  Rechecking addresses is also essential. Does the employee still reside in the same location?  Some schools require their employees to live in the state where they teach. 

The Moon Lighting Employee

Is the employee working for a competitor part-time or have they opened their own competitive company?  Recheck their LinkedIn profile, other social media accounts, and the Secretary of State websites.

Mitigate Ongoing Risk

Post-employment background checking is a critical practice to monitor safe and legal activities and mitigate ongoing risk for employers. A Taleo Research survey of large companies found two-thirds of organizations do not conduct ongoing background checks on employees, as noted in a 2013 Tribune Business News article.   An employee who passed a pre-hire background check may no longer meet current employment criteria and policies. 

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