Porzio Compliance Services, LLC (PorzioCS) is dedicated to consulting, counseling, and ensuring that our clients establish and maintain compliance throughout a variety of industries, significantly decreasing the individual organization's risks.  Our team guides organizations and institutions on the implementation of best practices for data collection and retention, corporate policies and procedures, reporting processes, and response practices.

PorzioCS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the law firm of Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, P.C.  (Porzio).  A leading national firm, Porzio provides counsel to companies on intellectual property, government affairs, corporate, regulatory, labor and other matters with a focus on multiple sectors including bankruptcy and financial restructuring, life sciences, education, environmental law, professional services and real estate.

In addition to PorzioCS, Porzio is the parent company of Porzio Governmental Affairs, LLC. The subsidiary assists clients with legislative, regulatory, and business development efforts in New Jersey.



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