Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world in which information is shared widely and instantly, it is critical that individuals and organizations alike be aware of their digital surroundings. To navigate the changing digital landscape, our team uses open-source intelligence (OSINT) made up of any publicly available online information. While that sounds simple enough, today’s online landscape allows information sharing across mediums (text, social media posts, photos, and videos) and internet platforms. Because there is so much data available online, it has become increasingly difficult to parse through and find relevant and potentially threatening information. Now more than ever, it is key to have a team of experts who will investigate and find available and relevant information to identify potential risks to people, assets, and reputation.

Our team of experts conducts domestic and international investigations to locate available and relevant information and identify potential risks to people, businesses, assets, and reputation.

We provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your needs, including:

    • Online Risk Assessment and Opt-Out: Identify and remove personal information online to minimize your digital footprint.
    • Social Media and Internet Threat Monitoring: Proactively monitor online platforms to detect potential threats to individuals and organizations.
    • Asset Investigations: Locate and verify assets worldwide, including real estate, businesses, and financial information.
    • Ongoing Threat Monitoring: Continuously assess risks across the surface, deep, and dark web to ensure your safety and security.
    • E-Commerce and Business Due Diligence: Uncover potential risks and verify information before entering into partnerships or mergers.
    • Background Checks: Conduct thorough investigations for individuals and businesses, including executives and employees.
    • Litigation Support: Assist legal teams with subject research, jury selection, and more.
    • Online Reputation Management: Manage your online presence and address potential reputational risks.

    Real-World Solutions from Porzio Compliance Services

    Engaged in real-time online monitoring and assessed threats to a U.S.-based home improvement center by analyzing publicly available information from social media sites, blogs, message boards, public records, and watch lists. Utilizing specific keywords, potential threats were identified, enabling the client to gain situational awareness regarding risks to their brand and employees. This proactive and white glove service approach allowed the client to make informed decisions and implement strategies to mitigate potential risks in a timely manner.
    Successfully protected a family from identity theft by systematically removing their personal identifiers, preventing them from becoming victims of identity theft. Beyond immediate resolution, Dr. Miller offered valuable tips and recommendations to safeguard against potential future identity theft. Employing diverse removal techniques, Dr. Miller erased personal information from over 150 websites, dissuading potential fraudsters and compelling them to lose interest and target more vulnerable individuals. This proactive approach not only resolved the immediate threat but also established preventive measures for ongoing security.
    Applied investigative methods and critical thinking skills to guide a client away from acquiring a company with a tainted reputation and substantial debt. Through diligent searches, various red flags emerged, including liens, judgments, and bankruptcies associated with the principals of the company. Further investigation revealed the involvement of these principals in money laundering and other illicit activities. The client heeded the advice, opting not to proceed with the purchase, thereby avoiding potential reputational damage and financial ruin.
    Conducting a thorough background investigation, Dr. Miller uncovered criminal records, civil cases, and fraudulent information on the resume of a job applicant. Additionally, social media searches revealed photographs that were contrary to the company's values. Armed with this comprehensive information, the client was empowered to make an informed decision, avoiding the hiring of an individual who posed financial and reputational risks. This strategic approach not only safeguarded the company's reputation but also provided a competitive edge by preventing a potentially detrimental hiring decision.
    Utilizing diverse investigative tools, Dr. Miller unearthed negative information about an individual, revealing a criminal background, significant debt, and false claims about completing a college degree. Despite an outward appearance of being "Mr. Perfect," the investigation, which delved into sources such as newspapers, social media, and litigation records, exposed a trail of deceit and negative behavior. The thorough investigation provided valuable insights that allowed the concerned party to reconsider their decision and avoid entering into a marriage with someone whose true character did not align with their initial presentation.
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