PorzioCS applies an interdisciplinary approach to best counsel every unique situation and organization.  Our services range from planning and drafting preventative measures, to training and implementing procedures, through response and action following a breach or claims of non-compliance.

Cross-Border Business Reporting

Government BEA reporting requires tracking and disclosure of significant financial and operational data on a quarterly, annual and five-year basis, and more. Learn More

Higher Education

Colleges and universities are facing a climate of increased regulation, reporting and enforcement and need a meaningful, institution-wide compliance program. Learn More

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

The increased reliance on digital resources and the sharing of secure data worldwide is accompanied by an elevated risk of data and compliance breaches. Learn More

Health Care and Human Services

Within the complex arena of health care compliance, PorzioCS provides tools and tactics to the many compliance challenges in the health care industry. Learn More

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