Within the complex arena of health care compliance, PorzioCS provides tools and tactics for hospitals, physician groups, educational institutions, nursing homes, and disability-related service providers. 

The health care industry is highly regulated on the federal, state and local levels, and non-compliance can cost organizations hefty fines and other sanctions. In order to avoid these pitfalls, companies must have proper systems and procedures in place to help mitigate their risks.

PorzioCS assists organizations and individuals on a variety of compliance-related issues, such as providing direction and strategies related to:

  • Health and disability state and federal laws, regulations and entitlements;
  • Medicaid services and audits;
  • Affordable housing programs;
  • Reorganization, mergers and department and business operation closures;
  • Rate structure setting for government-funded programs;
  • Care management and counseling for children and adults with dual diagnoses and/or complex medical and behavioral health needs.

We are able to provide data and guidance on how to grow and expand business models and relay organizational benefits and pitfalls, in a continually changing state and federal system. PorzioCS has subject matter expertise across all aspects of the developmental disabilities system, including Medicaid, residential and community-based services, family support, special education, early intervention, civil rights and victims’ issues.

PorzioCS also has firsthand experience developing the design and implementation of statewide budget campaigns and overhauling organizational programs and communications.  Our team can help your business shift to meet the demands of the changing market, identify and analyze potential new business lines both in New Jersey and beyond, comply with federal and state mandates, maintain licenses and many other compliance challenges.

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