Kim E. Miller, Ph.D., CFE

Director of Investigative Intelligence and Analysis

Dr. Kim Miller specializes in due diligence investigations, including executive and employee background, e-commerce vendor and business due diligence as well as online risk assessments.    Dr. Miller holds a Ph.D. in Public Safety and Leadership/Emphasis in Criminal Justice.  She is an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) expert who utilizes the dark, deep and surface web for investigations, focusing on business and personal due diligence, as well as online risk assessment analysis, reputation management and asset determination.  Dr. Miller is a Certified Fraud Examiner, New Jersey Licensed Private Detective, Certified Paralegal and a former Special Detective Intern, Division of Criminal Justice State of New Jersey–Gangs and Organized Crimes.  Dr. Miller is an adjunct professor teaching criminal justice and fraud management classes.

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