Growing Pains

PorzioCS Launches New Cannabis Webinar Series


Feeling the growing pains? You’re not alone!

While cannabis entrepreneurs have invested endless amounts of time and money into their businesses, so far the industry has painfully been held back by ever-changing rules and regulations. It can be hard to keep up! But we know you won’t let these “growing pains” hold you back from the success you deserve. That’s where we come in.

Join Aida Sanchez and Jim Mottola at 11:00am on August 11th for the first-ever episode of Porzio Compliance Services’ Growing Pains, a webinar series geared towards cannabis entrepreneurs and cultivators like you, to give you the strategies you need to jump the evolving regulatory hurdles and reach your goals.

Topics include:
– Meet Aida and Jim
– Who is Porzio Compliance Services? What do they do?
– Common “growing pains” entrepreneurs experience in the industry

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