PorzioCS applies an interdisciplinary approach to best counsel our clients in every unique situation and organization.  Our consulting and compliance services range from planning and drafting preventative measures, to training and implementing procedures, through response and action following a breach or claims of non-compliance.


PorzioCS is dedicated to consulting, counseling, and ensuring that our clients establish and maintain compliance throughout a variety of industries, significantly decreasing the individual organization's risks. Our team guides organizations and institutions on the implementation of best practices for data collection and retention, corporate policies and procedures, reporting processes, and response practices. Learn More

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

The increased reliance on digital resources and the sharing of secure data worldwide is accompanied by an elevated risk of data and compliance breaches. Learn More


We strive to help our clients navigate the decision-making process by leveraging our experience conducting investigations on behalf of individuals, companies, corporate boards, and special committees. Learn More

School Safety and Compliance

Porzio's School Safety and Compliance team have been developed in response to concerns about the likelihood and impact of violence on a safe learning environment for students and school employees. Learn More

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