Yasmin Hernández-Manno Receives Lifetime Leader in Latino Education Award

Yasmin Hernández-Manno Receives Lifetime Leader in Latino Education Award

PorzioCS proudly announces that Yasmin Hernández-Manno, Director of Education Compliance, is one of 15 national recipients of the inaugural “Lifetime Leader in Latino Education Award” presented by Footsteps2Brilliance. This award, launched in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, recognizes educational leaders who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to improving literacy within the Latino community. Recognized for her outstanding career as an …

School Protests and Security Incidents Increase in New Jersey

The NJDOE Office of School Preparedness and Emergency Planning provided information from  the New Jersey State Police Regional Operations and Intelligence Center regarding a protest that was planned on school grounds at a Mercer County public school. The information indicated that the group ACLU’s People Power advised the district of the intent to protest. The district informed the group that the protest would not be permitted on school grounds.  

Former Executive County Superintendent, Yasmin E. Hernández-Manno, Joins Porzio Compliance Services 

Porzio Compliance Services, LLC (PorzioCS) is pleased to announce that Yasmin E. Hernández-Manno has joined as Director of Education Compliance. Hernández-Manno’s extensive education background and her focus on multilingual and multicultural learning will be instrumental in serving schools and New Jersey’s growing diverse student population. With over 30 years as an educator, administrator, and consultant, she provides a unique background in education compliance and will join the team of educators who complement the work of the Education Law Team of the Porzio, Bromberg, and Newman law firm, of which PorzioCS is a wholly owned subsidiary.